Children of the 90´s. Are their souls victims of holocaust?

Throughout my therapeutic practice I had been working with numbers of young people, whereas by most of them the year of their birth was 90 and higher. Similarly my brother is the child of 90’s and has much common with these people.

So, let me get started.

These individuals tend to be, let‘s call it kind of ,,problematic‘‘. Problematic in such a sense, that they’re lost in this world and they find themselves at their wit’s end.

They are without any motivation, are constantly searching themselves, whereas they might be either too responsible or they are putting too much pressure on themselves or on the contrary, any sense of responsibility is present by them. Most of them tend to various addictions and their lacks of self-confidence is compensated on various manners. They keep flying in their world and the acceptance of the life as such is quite problematic to them as well.

They are dissapointed of life and they are swayed in extremes. They often suffer from depressinos, anxieties es and panic attacks.

They got labelled as ‚indigo children‘ in the esoteric world. The children (understandably, they are adult individuals by now), who were labelled this wa by someone despite the feeling that these kids are way too intuitive and sensitive and that they ,, came‘‘here to earth from other planets etc.

As already stated above, my experience with them is quite rich.

Most of them searched me out on their own. They had issues with their concentration, moved from one side to another, didn’t enjoy anything, neither work nor study, briefly they were without any sense of life and their parents were also at their wits‘ end . Their parents kept dragging them as a big ball and not on a material level only. They had to maintain them for a longer period, pay debts for them, even on the psychic level. There wasn’t way of speaking with these individuals. The kept flying through their words, whereas filling their duties was pretty problematic to them.

But they all had something in common. Any kind of violance and evil made them feel bad.

I had been working with these people – children of 90’s – by means of regresssion therapy and came to conclusion, that they had yet something more common than I thought.

In my bookds you will learn, how I work. I don’t slip anything to anyone, I neither quess nor foretell. As a regression therapist my task is only to lead people, while

they themselves in the cooperation with me and their subconscience are to reveal the cause of their issues and thus recognizing important connections.

I have to remark, that I liked working with these people quite a lot. They were open-minded, without inhibitions and all of them were able to move further than only to their actual childhood or prenatal period. They were willing to go into their past lives, nay into their last ones. And there was the key.

A great deal of them were victims of holocaust.

They were dying in concentration camps, ghettos, in the front lines, they were pulled out of the arms of their families and their beautiful and fulfilling lives back then.

Imagine, that you’ve got a loving family, your wives, children, siblings, you’ve got your trades, you don’t lack materially because you built up something and you really enjoy that. You are leading relatively calm life.

And all of the sudden there comes a ,,blow‘‘, which shakes everything from one day to another.

You are pulled out of this calm and loving world, you just get deprived of everyone and everything.

You just don’t know anything.

You just dont get, why all of the sudden you’re hated by your neighbour only because of your different origins.

You don’t understand, why you find yourself in crowds of freight trains and transferred, God knows, where.

You don’t understad, why all of the sudden you find yourself among such people, who are humiliated up to the lowest inhuman level possible.

You are imprisoned in the overcrowded buildings with same clothes on, sharing one latrine with other tens of people, while your stomach is always hungering.

Suddenly all of the abundant and calm time memories ended up in there.

Then you are brought to the house, denuded and filled in one small room.

Full of fear and hopelessness, cause you know, you feel that you are never going to see your neighbours anymore. And what about your children? What’s up with them? You keep asking. Am I never going to see them anymore?

You are shaken with dismay and swayed in a complete misconception.

Your soul is shaken when leaving your physical body. It doesn’t follow anything. It is full of pain and betrayal and it is carrying this feeling throughout its journey furthher.

You’re reincarnating quite fast.

People often ask me, if itś possible for the soul to be incarnated that fast. And I say, yes, it can. From my pratise I can confirm, that it can happen even within a few hours. At the present time it is even happening this way.

These are, most of the times, recently deceased relatives who are reincarnated into the bodies of children currently born. And there is more than only a few of them.

Perhaps, even you can see in your grandchild, that it is very similar( I dont think phisically by that ), let’s say , to your mother, who died several years ago.

Everything is going somewhat faster, vibrations are still higher and higher and as I use to say, there is no time losing time. And the very same is happening in the non-physical world.

But let’s get back to the Children of the 90’s.

This individual will recall in the regressiom, that he didn’t feel like coming here, but it was some higher power that led him here and directed him into the next life.

One more essential finding.

We hear everywhere, that it is a soul which chooses to whom and where it is going to be born, and that it is a choice of itself. Based upon statement of some individuals I can declare, that they actually didn’t feel like being born and reincarnated at all. But the cosmic laws are much stronger indeed. And when our soul will have the same energetic vobrations as the Earth itself, in one way or another, it’d d like to return back in here. As soon as it sets itself free from all of the commitments, it will be allowed to go ‚further‘ elsewhere.

The child is suffering in mommy’s belly already. It doesn’t want to go out into this world. A mother might have a problematic pregnany. A child is borm, mostly in a complicated way and from its very first inspiration it’s not really able to accept the life on the Earth.

As this individal is growing, he might feel he somewhat differs from the others. That he somewhat doesn’t belong in here.

In spite of this, he meets the appeals of his parents with absented delight . It is so devoted to them as machine But often times he might even not meet them. He is very reserved and fearsome. Or on the contrary, he is bad and agressive, desperate, innerly unhappy, while demonstrating his grievance to all around him.

He doesn’t have fun at school. Nothing really amuses him.

But why is it so?

He asks himself.

,,Why shoud I do anything that I don’t find enjoyment at? Why do I have to learn,…what am I going to use that for?‘‘

A factor of vain is inscribed in his soul as well as a memory on the past. On the past life and that everything that he really enjoyed was in vain. He lost everything. As if it was with a wave of a magic wand.

He hates the sight of the suffering and perhaps he himself is hurting the others . He might be even hurting himself. He is self-destructing himself. He might take drugs, maybe he is hitting the bottle, he might be playing automats, he might be compensating his feeling of deficiency by buying the things he doesn’t really need, migh be stealing the money from his parents, changing partners and forever keep searching. He is searching what he was deprived of in the past. He can be easily manipulated. Easily managable or on the contrary, he is manipulative himself.

I wont forget the story of a girl

It was years ago. Her mother asked me for the regression for her daughter. Age-group 96. It was such a beautiful girl, but so empty. Burnt out.

A body without a soul. Nothing really amused her. She was self-destructive. She didn’t get along with her peers and they didnt go along wth her. And concurrently she was so smart and shrewd. Very wise indeed.

Only awareness itself, that she could finally chat with someone about her feelings, pain was liberating to her.

In regression, she went through a life in the north. In Sweeden. She was a doctor. Psychologist. She wrote several books and had a loving husband with beautiful, healthy children.

However, darkness encountered their lives.

She was professionally called up to Germany and had to face a fact to collaborate with Nazis. To work on the experiments with people and thus collaborating with their doctors.

But she refused. She was refusing for quite a long time. She didn‘t want to take part in genocide, in no research and be a tool for them. She managed to escape. She was, however, detained. Afterwards even imprisoned and tortured. She died. Died with a feeling of unfulfilled life. With a feeling of grievance, betrayal and disgust.

This finding was very helpful to a girl.

The awareness that a past is not to be reverted.

The fact, that a past should be recalled and then forgotten, though a lesson should be drawn from that.

The lesson drawn in her case was a realisation where and what her place is. To start devoting to a thing that used to be fullfilling to her and which she couldn’t complete. Nowadays she studies psychology and writes a book. She found her lost sense of life. It only sufficed to be recalled to her. And to be forgiven. To be forgiven to all who were responsible for destroying her lif. But above all, to forgive herself, that she just ,,failed‘‘, left her children, husband and that she wasn’t able to confront the Nazis more dexterously, since she lived under this assumption.

There are neither victims nor faults.

When my brother- age group 90’s- was round 5 years old, only a poor look at him was to arouse some kind of nondefinable regret. Such pain at the sight of such beautifully playing child was crazy. I had a feeling of protecting him.

On my very first regression therapy, many years ago, at my own therapist‘s back then I discovered the origin of this feeling.

As a young man I lived in the Nazi’s Germany and I had no choice than serving the country.

And, as a soldier I was transferred to a polish ghetto. To kill people. And it happened. I was filled with fear that when I refuse, my family gets the worst of it.

I was forced to shoot on the people on command. I was filled with disgust and pity. It was indescribable feeling that was consuming me.

On the small yard, which was bordered with a high concrete wall, the small group of men was pushing through. There were even children among them…Little boys.

They were supposed to join the line and get down on their knees with their hands above their heads. My task was to shoot them all in their head gradually. I won’t forget a boy, so small and lovely with his eyes filled with fear staring at his father. His father was crying and the boy too. As they were dying, I was dying too but as a soldier. I didn’t manage this heaviness of helplessness and pain. In that same evening I shot myself.

From my books You’re probably acquianted with a story of my father. He died a few months ago. But that’s another story.

And my brother? Constantly seeking, living under my parents’protection, having depressions and frustrations at times accompanied by feelings of shortage. I’m not going to go into details here.

I just wanted to point out, that I remember the day when the was a movie on on TV. …about a boy from a concentration camp. We were left in a room alone. Me and my brother. He didn’t bear the sight of a suffering boy and he left the room in tears. He said he couldn’t stand such movies from the the World War II.

My brother doesn’t consider my regression. He doesn’t know, what I do know. But there was a try to get him this over. He didn’t want though. He didn’t want to listen to anything, the same as he refuses to help himself.

It’s not appropriate to provide help. Where any help was required. Despite of your awarenees, that it would be possible to help someone.

It’s not appropriate to take responsibility for anyone. Neither for your children. It is commiting a good, as I use to claim. You can provide them mere with some information. Decision is up on them though.

So, if have a child of the 90’s, you certainly know, what I’m talking about.

Even if I know myself it ain’t easy, you can do the only following thing.

To provide him with absolute trust and love.

Not to regret him, but feel for him.

Not to have feeling to owe him something.

Not to put pressure on him, but on the contrary, to motivate him.

To lead him to his own resposibility.

To embrace him and tell him quietly: ,,I know…‘‘

Last but not least, to acknowledge his own journey, no matter what the reason is….

My name’s Ester Davidova, I’ve been living in a small spa town in the Czech Republic since 1977.

I’ve been cherishing love to these lovely square creatures since I first penetrated the mysteries and meaning of these alphabetic characters. I would read everything  that fell into my hands back then.  Once, when my book that I read under the desktop in my fist grade was taken away by my literature teacher, she just came to a silent amazement, that this little girl was fixing her eyes on the Balsac’s novel –  Petrička – instead of Bravo magazine. I couldn’t help it, as at that time already my desire to narrate and share stories with the rest of the world was that strong and kept creeping up inside of me. The stories that I like to create by means of my soul so much.

In a few yeas, it was my very life story, that brought me not only to regression therapy and work with clients, but also to the writing my work trilogy:

Karmic sinusoid – From the diary of regression therapist

Cosmic sinusoid – Glimpse into my soul and

Partnership sinusoid – A story for Jasmin

These books are based on narration of a girl, who was affected by not very easy childhood, thus escaping into the world of books, dreams and phantasy with sensation that she is not supposed to be here on the planet Earth.

That’s why in her adulthood, she was attracted to the world full of anxieties, depressions, drugs, alcohols, men and even trials to end her life. No wonder, that all these life dramas brought her to therapist seat one day.

She went through a therapy, whereas  she had no clue about it back then, except for the fact that it is called a regression therapy. Thanks to this therapy she managed to find answers for her question, such as: “Why just me?!” And all of the sudden, an unaware young girl full of grievance, feelings of blame and confusion turned to a forgiving and loving creature with an activated ability to show a direction and  path to the others thanks to this experience.

This young girl is me myself.

My book trilogy is a complex summary of perception of the world through materialistic point of view at first and then the spiritual one.

I opened my heart to these books and through them I’ve been trying to show the world, that there is nothing we should be ashamed of.

They captivate you by their depth and fill you up with knowledge, that change your common view on the life as such. These books are full of real stories. The stories, that draw you in and won’t stop until you have read them. The stories, you won’t forget so easily and by means which you recognize yourselves.

At the end of 2017 I made my creative dream come true and released a book for both children and their wise parents, called Kilian’s adventures.

Kilian is a pilgrim. Sent to our planet in order to heal the others through him. He travels in a protective bubble, partially similarly as all of us – he observes and listens only. Maybe he is even too perceptive for such current earthly conditions. But still, he is just a child and his mind is so pure. Furthermore, he comes from somewhere else. Listen to his ability that imaginarily makes our hearts beat faster. It is much easier, than shutting one’s ears over and over again. That’s why he is here. Seemingly for the sake of children, but he heals us adults at the same time.

It is such a type of story that leaves many loving and affectionate feelings, wisdom and understanding in you.

Both motherhood and one of my last relationships enabled me to get to know both my person and femininity much better. These very feminine topics are very close to me, thus it led me to work on my another creative project called Diary for every woman. ME. WOMAN.

The impulse for releasing this diary was my own experience. For several years I would keep my own personal records in form of diary, which helped me to get to know me  better. They helped me to go through hard life phases, especially in periods when experiencing my inner unrest, suffering from anxieties, depression, whereas trying so hard to seek myself. The diary will serve as sort of a personal guide, creative project and mirror of the soul for each woman for a period of twelve months.

My passion for novel stories with two interconnected time lines and history is that strong, that these days I’ve been transferring my words and visions in lines of my new book, novel that will be called ‘Tears of sea’, which is going to be the first part of a trilogy saga ‘Under the same Heaven.’

I, myself am the publisher of my books and I’m glad that they meet with success in the Czech Republic.

I’d like to address some oversea publishers, since I’d like to spread the message I mediate through my books even to people outside the borders of Czech Republic, particularly to English speaking countries.

Autor: Ester Davidová 

Translation: Linda Schultz

Davidová Ester
Jmenuji se Ester Davidová a byl to můj životní příběh, který mě dovedl k technice regresních terapií. Právě ta mi pomohla rozuzlit a pochopit nejen to, co se mi v životě dělo, nalézt příčiny mých problémů, ale zejména pochopit sebe sama. „Můj příběh najdete tady“>>

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