From the karmic partner to the spiritual one

It is necessary for us to grasp the fact, that our soul, our energy is asexual and that we are putting on the coat in form of our body, that serve us to go on our journey. On arrival to this world, in most cases,  we tend to forget our predestined task of coming into this world.  Naturally, it relates to our relationships as well.

Many people keep saying that they just had a bad luck with partners. But we should consider whether it is really a bad luck or an opportunity towards one’s spiritual growing. What if all these partners are only here for us to settle some stuff from the past, so that we learn something or only to understand, forgive each other and just continue each other’s ways? Such relationships might be called karmic relationships. 

Despite all this mentioned, we still tend to think that we are going to meet the real genuine love. Consequently we are disappointed if it is not happening. Each sequence of our lifetime might conceal a certain specific partner who is the right one for us in this specific  period, that is to say. the one for our soul growing. It is crucial to realize, that what we attract is what we radiate.

Most of women and men are dreaming about their perfect life partner, even though the perfectionism doesn’t really exist. There is a balance that exists and that is crucial for us. What partner could be attracted to us in case of losing our balance? The one in imbalance only. The new relationship would be only a piece of plaster for us. Many people are jumping from one relationship to another, in an effort to avoid being single. Trying to find a plaster for the previous relationship, which wasn’t really fulfilling to them. But what happens in most cases is, that all what they left unsolved and didn’t bring to the end in the spirit of understanding, forgiving and love back then, is going to be reopened and resolved in their new relationship again. It also concerns the past, especially past lives.

We think that we love, but we don’t realize we mistake love for passion and desire. We want to have, own and mostly we live in an illusion of perfect relationship. ,,If you love something indeed, let it go. If that comes back to you, it is yours, if not, it has never been yours.’’ It is only up to us, if we are to leave all old and needless in forgiveness and love, whereas create a space for a new.

,,Just stop considering those guys all the time!’’ You are quite stuck to them.’’ Those are the words of one of my friends, at a time when I was caught up in trying to figure out one of my former non-functioning relationship. I got quite clung to my ex-partner and I didn’t do anything than assuring myself if he really loved and cared for me .

We are afraid of loneliness.  We don’t want to be alone, as we are instilled by society from an early childhood that it is a must for us to have a partner, husband, i.e. to live in whatever relationship.

Be yourself. Build yourself on a solid ground. Only then you are to meet a partner, who will have it built as well. You attract what you emit. Have a close look in your heart, what do you find in there? What is it you’ve got to offer now to your potential partner?

Learn to express your femininity and vulnerability. Stop playing heroine and self-sufficient woman. Don’t wonder then, when you are to meet such men, who make use of yourself.

Learn to accept a help. Learn to ask for it and communicate! A woman should learn to ask a man for a help and be clear about what she really needs.

And that is no shame at all. A polite and good man, who truly loves his wife, would be happy to support his beloved woman and fulfill her wishes. He wouldn’t even curl his lip in order to do a vacuum cleaning, but before that it is necessary to ask him for it, so tell him what your desires are.

We often think, we don’t deserve a better man. It follows then that we don’t trust ourselves and tend to underestimate us. We are not content with us. The causes of all this mentioned are mostly hidden in the past…

Love unto death. If we love our partner unhealthily, we are clung to him and we so called worship him over God and everything else, it might likely happen that this partner would hate us in our further life. Thus we should learn to avoid creating extremes and thus act in a more balanced way.

Martyr complex.  We sometimes invite despots to us. The reason? The feeling of quilt and self-reproach. ,,Let them trouble me, I just deserve that.” Please, stop blaming and pitying yourself, but rather forgive yourself and allow yourself to be happy. Many people forbade themselves to be happy and reap the full benefits of their lives instead. They just tend to think that it’s a must for them to suffer here on this planet and that life here is only about duties and worries.

Forgiving letter and ritual. Light a white candle, which is to be burnt out, then write an forgiving letter. Write yourself out of your emotions and in the end make a statement that you get rid of all the guilt and pity, from now on and forever. Then immerse yourself into a dance, so called dance of joy. You will see, that any burdens will fall off yourself and you will feel as if you were reborn again. Naturally, you can perform this ritual according to your own rules. It’s up to you, the way you feel that.

Karmic relationships hurt. They are accompanied by past bonds and its cut-offs are pretty demanding and painful. Someone might have gone through more of them, another through less.

We are not able to leave. We are not always able to leave the relationship for the very first time. We keep returning to something over and over again. It might be explained also by the fact, that many issues remained open, misunderstood and unsolved.

I shall never meet anyone. I’m too old for any love. I don’t want any partner anymore. You’ve got to put some effort in order to have something. The one, who doesn’t follow this rule, is left being pitied, what’s more he might be carrying old unconscious programs on his shoulder. In most cases there are programs of his parents or ancestors involved.

Listen to your heart. A hundred of people could tell you and advise you on what you are supposed to do, but the truth is you still will make your own arrangements.

Are you going through relationship purgatory? You are experiencing a relevant story with your partner, whereas escape doesn’t play the role here. If things should be put back to balance, then solving a problem could be turned to advantage, but be aware the relationship won’t end until there is a right time for that.

Strong attachment. If you are too stuck to your partner, be it in your thoughts only, furthermore you even refuse giving chance to someone new, it’s not very likely then to encounter your potential soul-mate.

Each one of us has his ideal partner in this moment. The partners, who reflect us the tasks which haven’t been dealt by us yet. We have to come to terms, that it’s not very pleasant  but very effective though.

The word is creative. You create your own reality and life by what you say. Be cautious about your statements such as: ,,I LIKE YOU SO BADLY” or  “I LOVE YOU SO HARD.” You tend to think to say something nice, but in reality you are calling for FEAR. How can you actually relate LOVE to FEAR then?  You just put a curse by invoking fear and thus inviting it into your life, into your relationship.  In the other case you are invoking dismay and ambivalence. Keep in your mind, that words once uttered by you could be responsible both for your SUCCESS or your FAILURE.  You create both by sin and word, thus try to avoid doing this, and you will be surprised how your life and  relationships are going to change.

We often live in illusion.

A partner will certainly transform himself because of me. Sure, but only if it’s in his own interest to work on him really hard. 

Surmises. He is neither calling nor writing. It must have happened something to him. He is cheating on me. But he is neither calling nor writing. But it is all completely different than we think. In this situation it is necessary not to act hastily and not to judge prematurely.


Love doesn’t only mean to be in love with someone or something.

It is definitely not the synonym for the partnership. Love is deep acceptance of oneself with everything that goes with it, such as ‘How I am’ and ‘What I do’, and that with all of its light and dark sides. Love is deep acceptance of all the people with every little part of themselves, how they are and what they do. Love is also deep acceptance of reality, as it is. Deep love doesn’t say ,,I love him” despite his negative characteristics, the deep love says instead: ,, I like him even with all his negative characteristics.“ This is the act of acceptance. The one, who can’t appreciate himself, can hardly await to be appreciated from the others.  The one who doesn‘t love himself can hardly await to be loved by his partner. Only when we cherish ourselves, can we cherish others and reality as such. But be aware that to love someone doesn’t mean the same as to  own or lead.



Soul-based relationships only flow naturally, are based on the mutual understanding and trust, whereas both partners have reached certain energetic level already.

In such relationships there is no space for ego, nor desire to own or to have each other, no matter what. Such partners go both along with spiritual development and they go together ahead. They keep flowing from an early beginning of their relationship. There is both flowing and fusing at the same time.

You two are as the pair of birds.

They don’t block the way of each other by their flight, they don’t even intervene into each other’s space, but in spite of this they just are aware of each other, even if they are miles far from each other.

There is no space for ego in the spiritual love, but there is admiration, respect and trust instead that create an amazing work fused together.

You both live in the present moment already. You don’t occupy yourselves with what was and what will be. You are enjoying every mutual moment. Should your ways still part because of some reason, it doesn’t hurt anymore, But the contrary. You will both welcome the fact that there is something new and pleasant awaiting for each other. You even wish all the best from deep of your hearts to each other.

Women, if you doubt the men and you blame them of how they are, you should be aware that there is a woman beyond this and only this woman is able to make this world recover. It is important for you to lead your sons to love, compassion, trust and teach them to express their feelings and open their big hearts!

There is a birth and end in everything.

Furthermore, it is the woman’s role to create a man out of his man. 


My name’s Ester Davidova, I’ve been living in a small spa town in the Czech Republic since 1977.

I’ve been cherishing love to these lovely square creatures since I first penetrated the mysteries and meaning of these alphabetic characters. I would read everything  that fell into my hands back then.  Once, when my book that I read under the desktop in my fist grade was taken away by my literature teacher, she just came to a silent amazement, that this little girl was fixing her eyes on the Balsac’s novel –  Petrička – instead of Bravo magazine. I couldn’t help it, as at that time already my desire to narrate and share stories with the rest of the world was that strong and kept creeping up inside of me. The stories that I like to create by means of my soul so much.

In a few yeas, it was my very life story, that brought me not only to regression therapy and work with clients, but also to the writing my work trilogy:

Karmic sinusoid – From the diary of regression therapist

Cosmic sinusoid – Glimpse into my soul and

Partnership sinusoid – A story for Jasmin

These books are based on narration of a girl, who was affected by not very easy childhood, thus escaping into the world of books, dreams and phantasy with sensation that she is not supposed to be here on the planet Earth.

That’s why in her adulthood, she was attracted to the world full of anxieties, depressions, drugs, alcohols, men and even trials to end her life. No wonder, that all these life dramas brought her to therapist seat one day.

She went through a therapy, whereas  she had no clue about it back then, except for the fact that it is called a regression therapy. Thanks to this therapy she managed to find answers for her question, such as: “Why just me?!” And all of the sudden, an unaware young girl full of grievance, feelings of blame and confusion turned to a forgiving and loving creature with an activated ability to show a direction and  path to the others thanks to this experience.

This young girl is me myself.

My book trilogy is a complex summary of perception of the world through materialistic point of view at first and then the spiritual one.

I opened my heart to these books and through them I’ve been trying to show the world, that there is nothing we should be ashamed of.

They captivate you by their depth and fill you up with knowledge, that change your common view on the life as such. These books are full of real stories. The stories, that draw you in and won’t stop until you have read them. The stories, you won’t forget so easily and by means which you recognize yourselves.

At the end of 2017 I made my creative dream come true and released a book for both children and their wise parents, called Kilian’s adventures.

Kilian is a pilgrim. Sent to our planet in order to heal the others through him. He travels in a protective bubble, partially similarly as all of us – he observes and listens only. Maybe he is even too perceptive for such current earthly conditions. But still, he is just a child and his mind is so pure. Furthermore, he comes from somewhere else. Listen to his ability that imaginarily makes our hearts beat faster. It is much easier, than shutting one’s ears over and over again. That’s why he is here. Seemingly for the sake of children, but he heals us adults at the same time.

It is such a type of story that leaves many loving and affectionate feelings, wisdom and understanding in you.

Both motherhood and one of my last relationships enabled me to get to know both my person and femininity much better. These very feminine topics are very close to me, thus it led me to work on my another creative project called Diary for every woman. ME. WOMAN.

The impulse for releasing this diary was my own experience. For several years I would keep my own personal records in form of diary, which helped me to get to know me  better. They helped me to go through hard life phases, especially in periods when experiencing my inner unrest, suffering from anxieties, depression, whereas trying so hard to seek myself. The diary will serve as sort of a personal guide, creative project and mirror of the soul for each woman for a period of twelve months.

My passion for novel stories with two interconnected time lines and history is that strong, that these days I’ve been transferring my words and visions in lines of my new book, novel that will be called ‘Tears of sea’, which is going to be the first part of a trilogy saga ‘Under the same Heaven.’

I, myself am the publisher of my books and I’m glad that they meet with success in the Czech Republic.

I’d like to address some oversea publishers, since I’d like to spread the message I mediate through my books even to people outside the borders of Czech Republic, particularly to English speaking countries.

Autor: Ester Davidová 

Translation: Linda Schultz


Ester Davidová
Jmenuji se Ester Davidová a byl to můj životní příběh, který mě dovedl k technice regresních terapií. Právě ta mi pomohla rozuzlit a pochopit nejen to, co se mi v životě dělo, nalézt příčiny mých problémů, ale zejména pochopit sebe sama. „Můj příběh najdete tady“>>

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